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Shields, Gen
Shields, Frank


Dear Fan

It was good to hear from you tonight, but you should have reversed the charges. The letter you wrote on Thursday only came this morning. Mail sure slow at Upton. I forgot to tell you you had a letter from Alfred. I'm enclosing it and hope it doesn't go astray. I changed your shirt today and got size 14½ - by the way you're eating I probably should have left it a 15.  Do you want it sent when you reach a permanent post - when we get no mail we're hoping your gone. I hope you don't get stuck in that place too long. I got the insurance paper you sent. I got one of them for Joe June 2nd for the second 5,000 he took out but never received the policy. Guess I'll have to write the Veterans bureau. I should ahve been through by now. Sorry you got stuck with K.P. Joe never had any till he reached Columbia. He was only at Upton from Thursday to Saturday. Hear Connors was in for 72 hours but none of us saw him. His grandmother[?] told Betty he had 3 medals for sharp shooting.

Richie is at Robins Field, Warner Robins, Georgia. Dot says this is 50 miles from Oglethorpe. They said he refused Officer training to take M.P. at the airport. he thought this would be better. Sounds like a crackpot. The enclosed clipping was in Sunday's news. Don't think Joe was in it because he was supposed to be on his way back from the Bahama's on Sat. There is a lot of nice Irish names on Dot's list. She leaves at 10:30 Wed night from Penn station. Looks like she'll be traveling two days as her list calls for allowances for 6 meals. Thur train most likely will be hooked to a troop train. Wouldn't it be something if you could be on the same line of trans. No other news around here. Think Stupe misses you as he trys sleeping under every bed till around 3AM - then gets in with V and Ronnie. Gladys and Bill came over around 11PM Sat night thinking we'd be lonesome. Nice of them. They were asking for you.

I'll enclose Joe's last letter will you return it. Is Murphy and the other fellow still with you. I know Dot is wishing her initiation was over. Here's hoping your next letter will be from a permanent post. In a rush Fan as I have to go to Novena - Love from Mother.

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