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Duffy, John
Shields, Frank

I received your letter and was thankful for it. I guess all soldiers are anxious and glad to receive mail from those who they know are their friends.

Do not think me pessimistic Frank but army life is not all its cracked up to be. It is a hard lean life - that part is swell but in all your life you perhaps will see very few things that have got more confusion than the army.

As far as John liking it is concerned I am certain he wouldn't because the fellows here on the average are not like you and I.  I don't think that John would appreciate their company.

I had my shots Saturday & this coming Saturday I get them again. Don't let anyone scare you Frank they do not hurt at all.

My dad & mother are coming to see me this weekend because I expect to leave here for probably some college sometime next week. When my address changes I will notify you of it.

Give my best regards to Gene if you write him before me. I hear he is sick - tell him my hopes are all for him.

Hoping this finds you & yours in good health I remain you devoted friend

Johnnie D.

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