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Grossman, Bill

Shields, Frank

Dear Frank,  Sorry to have left so abruptly the other night but it was unavoidable. The place is pretty dull without you or Joe. Today's a "yid" Holiday so Harry and Ken are out & Bill Paul (?) is out too.

 I passed the City College test and am leaving the "Royal" tomorrow. I sure hope to see you up a "city". You'll probably be the only gentile I'll know there.

 Hubay's still driving me nuts - we have a new girl who's taking my place named Hildagarde and boy is she a "dog." She's undoubtedly the most ugly girl I've ever seen. She'd be a perfect subject for a plastic surgeon.

How about writing me and tell me whether you expect to return to city.

Sincerely, Bill (Grossman) 337 East 87th Street N.Y.C.

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