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Kazalski, Fel

Shields, Frank

Dear Frank, Before it slips my mind allow me to return the greeting of a Happy Easter to you all -- a little late I fear but the holiday spirit still lingers on. Things have been so rushed and muddled up about here that Easter doesn't seem to hold that certain ring. It passed by as "just another day" - - in fact a lonesome one at that. Dad and I grope around like two lost sheep without mom. But I suppose we can take it  (no maybe's) knowing that she is enjoying herself to the nth degree witnessing that wonderful event. Then too maybe I'm just a little bit disappointed that I'm not there with her. But as you say "you can't have everything."

Perhaps, Frank you can express yourself better in writing than when you have crowds to contend with. But there I'm afraid we differ. Expressing myself in writing has always been difficult [. I always fear being immature.] The thoughts I have and the way I'd most enjoy to delineate them don't flow like water from my pen.

Even in speaking, I'm sometimes at a loss [(Oh its one thing to ramble on in unimportant matters [as I do]] and another to expound what you really feel).  Joan often told me if the ideas which I created could be put down in writing equally as beautiful and effective they would be something - but I was never any literary genius and then too I always selected something so abstract that it was [always] extremely difficult to interpret.

So having broken down the two greatest assets to personality ie. writing & speaking eloquently, the only things left are my exuberant actions _ _ [ and there I fare out best - - am I wrong?] - [ It takes little to change my mind & opinions]. Enough. - -

Well after I left you Wed. - nite. - - - went to bed, naturally. Early Thursday morning [ after mom left] my aunts and myself took grandpa to Aunt Ellas in Jersey. From there we went shopping in N.Y. Take it from me - never go shopping with a bunch of foreigners. - They insist upon going to far-fetched places and knowing impossible things. That evening they took me to "Jack Dempseys" - It's noting to rave about. Some Hindu told my fortune - Well Frank I'll either be dead by the end of the year - or - a Mrs. Which is worse?

Friday morning [ slept 3 in a bed in Jersey] I took my Aunt Von to Grand Central Stations, from there to Jersey again and then back to B'klyn. - where I more or less collapsed. - The first time in my life I have ever been "downed."

Sunday, Dad & I went to Jersey to dinner - It was nice. And so went my holidays. Now its back to the old grind.

Its surprising how things crop up in bunches. Listen to this for a weekend I thought was going to be free & I was determined to make it that way too.

Wed. - to see Roxie Hart.

Thurs. - opera "Don Giovanni"

Fri. - Eileen's = (her birthday)

Sat. - I'll keep it open - hm. a (priviledged character).

Sun. - Eileen's again.

Beside that one had already been postponed in in order to keep it free and look what goes and happens - - "Ma vie - interessante non?" Fates are against me. - but I love it.

Sure it's O.K. with me if you two call for me Sunday - In fact its an honor for me - Ahem. But - what about Helen S.

Right at this moment I don't know what time you should call though _ _ I'll have to get in touch with Eileen first. Then I'll drop you a line - card I mean  - or if its too late I'll call. - (Would Doris Blake approve I heard you - don't shout - )

I'm surprised to hear that Gil Bishop is being inducted. He's such a happy-go-lucky fellow I'm sure he'll make life easy for his mates.

As far as that block party goes, you can consider it closed.  - It's a well idea and I'll bet we have loads of fun. especially with a crowd. Can you tell I'm geetting weary - I'm writing in snatch phrases now. -

Well I hope I've covered pretty near everthing "contained herein."

So. - I'll remain your friend Felicity

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