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03/20/1945 Letter Duffy, John
Shields, Frank

From F/O [Flight Officer] J. Duffy T-132888

326th Bomb Sqd

92nd Bomb Gp

March 20

Dear Fran,

Well boy I just got your letter of February 13 today - that certainly isn't to good for mail service - is it. I am still a flight officer but I think I'll be a second Lt. in about 2 weeks - not that it really makes much difference though - because it is really unimportant. I have 19 missions in and with any kind of luck, I expect to finish next month God willing.

John I guess is pretty well settled now in Cairo and Eug in New Guinea. I guess Frank both of us have a lot to be thankful for considering what so many others are going through. I've been to London twice and it some ways it resembles New York but on the whole it is dwarfed when held in comparison to it. Take good care of yourself and know that I'll be expecting an answer as soon as possible. May God bless you,
As ever
Johnnie D.

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