Welcome to the Francis Shields disambiguation page!

There are several different "Francis Shields" referenced in Shields Family Documents and in Shields Family Photos,  so it can be hard to know which one is which. Below is some information generated by my cousin Kee Malesky that shows the known ancestors named "Francis Shields" and some of their particulars.

For clarity in Shields Family Documents Shields Family Photos and the About Shields Family Archive page, most of the references to one of these Francis' will use a nickname, as follows:
  1. Francis Shields b. 1820 - no references at present
  2. Francis J. Shields b. 1857 - "Grandpop"
  3. Francis J. Shields b. 1886 - "Chief"
  4. Francis J. Shields b. 1924 - "Frank"
  5. Francis J. Shields b. 1955 - "Jay" (me)

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